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Fish Tycoon Mac Game - Free Fish Tycoon Mac Tycoon Game Downloads
Free Mac Game Download  - Fish Tycoon Game for Apple Mac OS
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Fish Tycoon Game Features
  • Stock your aquarium with a hundred different species of fish
  • Breed each fish with a different species in an isolation fishbowl.
  • Sell your products in the 'shop' and watch the purchases and visits of your clients in real time
  • Unlimited gameplay

Description Fish Tycoon Game:

Fish Tycoon. Breed beautiful and exotic fish in Fish Tycoon, this unique aquarium-sim puzzler.

These are your fish and like real fish, you need to care for them. You can feed them, cure them if they get sick and make lots of babies!

The Fish Tycoon game runs in true real time: new surprises every time you check back into your game. Buy supplies, ornaments and special chemicals for your virtual tank.

Over 400 different species of fish to discover! Can you find the 7 Magic Fish? Can you be the next Fish Tycoon?

Fish Tycoon Game Screenshots:

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User Reviews Fish Tycoon Game:

"Wow! Fish Tycoon is really, really addictive. If you like strategy games this one's for you. It's a real challenge but such cool fun! " - K man.

"Fish Tycoon is a fun game. Mostly because of the Real-Time feature that enables your fish to act like real fish. Experimenting with different breeds to find new ones, curing sick fish, and buying things for the virtual tank make for great gameplay and so much fun! Try it!!!" - Joan J..

I've never played a real time game before. Every time you check back on Fish Tycoon something has happened! It's really challenging but addictive” - Mary L..

“Even when my computer is turned off something is still happening in Fish Tycoon. Now that's cool!!! ” - Mike

My kids named all the fish. Very addictive game! ” - Joy

Fish Tycoon Game System Requirements

Mac Game:

OS: 10.4, 10.5 (recommended)
CPU: 1.83GHz
RAM: 512 MB

Windows PC Game:

Fish Tycoon Game for PC Available >>>


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