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Description Be Richest! Game:

Be Richest! A city is left in ruin at the hands of a corrupt official, and you have been called in to rebuild it in this exciting new installment of the Be Rich franchise!

Build and restore homes and businesses, keep residents safe and happy, and bring the city’s crooked former mayor to justice as you develop your own business empire.

Find out if you have what it takes to Be Richest!

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Be Richest! Game Screenshots:

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User Reviews Be Richest! Game:

"Be Richest! is the third installment in this popular series, and in this time management game you are called on to rebuild a city and bring the former mayor to justice as you develop your own business empire. Download Be Richest! game today and build and restore homes, keep residents safe and happy and bring the former mayor to justice!" - Zoomer

Be Richest! Game Tips & Hints:

  • This game has 40 levels.
  • You may need to play a level more than once.
  • You buy upgrades with collectibles. Upgrades are needed to complete some levels in time to win Gold.
  • Across the top of the screen are two bars: The Collectible bar shows what collectibles you have at any point. The Bank Account and Reputation bar shows your bank balance and reputation score.
  • If you select a level marker on the board (shown by a level number on a white circle inside a gold water-drop shape with a crown)you can either replay and improve your performance or continue to collect Collectibles.
  • There are 2 menu options in the middle of the bottom bar. The Super Blueprints menu has options to purchase and construct super blueprint buildings using money, reputatation and collectibles for the purchase. The Home and Company menu has options for building up your own office.
  • A star-shaped Collectible symbol next to a level marker means you can continue this level to earn a collectible.
  • Goals are shown at the top left of the board. Additional goals may be added during a level.
  • Your current daily income is displayed in a bar at the bottom of the screen. A small panel at the bottom left shows the appearance of the current neighborhood, the number of citizens and number of construction vans.
  • The larger panel to the right of this shows to what level the population's four needs are being met. A blue or red bar above any symbol means you should quickly upgrade or build an appropriate building.
  • Strategies:
  • The level timer only starts when you perform a first action, so at the start look at your goals and free lots, and wait for a cheap house to come up.
  • Speed up construction by pushing buildings in construction yourself.
  • When several buildings have a problem, such as rats, fix the problem in the building that gives you the highest income first.
  • Try to build houses with high rents on premium lots. Avoid selling houses on premium lots.
  • When all needs are fulfilled in a neighborhood, buy cheap houses to make a profit by buying cheaply and selling for a normal price and also cash in on the dream-house bonus.
  • Buy and sell buildings that are offered cheaply, to earn money quickly. Look for high sale posts and compare the sale price to the original value.
  • Try to fulfill special orders, if they don't conflict with your general goals too much. These offers provide large sums of money for reasonably easy tasks. The number of smileys below the offer show how much time is left to complet the offer.

Be Richest! Game System Requirements

Be Richest! Windows PC Game:

OS: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7
CPU: 1.0 GHz
RAM: 1024 MB
DirectX: 8.0
Hard Drive: 261 MB

Be Richest! Mac Game:

- Sorry, Be Richest! game for Mac not available






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